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How “Back to the Future” iflix movies were made

“Back to the Future” is not just a great trilogy of science fiction, but a cultural phenomenon, because the authors told a fascinating story of adventures-time travel, decorated with a huge number of scientific inventions, many of which have become reality in our century.

A dizzying plot, sparkling humor, the coolest car in the world, high-quality acting, stunning characters and incredible villains – all this made “Back to the Future” trilogy an immortal hit of cinema and a one-hundred-percent member of the hall of fame of the best films of the 1980s. The final chapter was published in 1990, but the key year of the great three – volume book is 1985, where the adventures of the duo of a young inquisitive boy Marty and his madcap friend Dr. Brown began.

The plot of the “Back to the Future” films

Episode One, released in 1985: the adventures begin in 1985, when a seventeen-year-old teenager McFly visits his friend Emmett Brown on his way to school, but does not find Doc at home. Instead of the inventor, the boy finds a note from the owner with a request to meet him at exactly 1: 15 near the shopping center “Two pines”, where the Professor will show the student something absolutely crazy.

Episode Two, 1989: the action starts where the previous iflix movies series ended. Brown almost forces lovers Marty and Jennifer into his super machine and goes to 2015. The inventor explains to the couple that in a few years they will create a family, give birth to children and now their heirs are in mortal danger. McFly Jr. is arrested by the police for trying to rob a bank, and his sister tried to save her brother, but also ended up in prison. If the father does not intervene in the situation, the life of the children will be ruined forever.

The third one, 1990: the sequel follows-these words ended episode 2, so the plot starts from scratch and sends the characters so far back in the past, where travelers have never been  – in 1885, where they meet Indians, army cavalry and, of course, cowboys. Soon, the fearless lad will not only have to save his best friend and his own existence, but also go out to a deadly duel with a local brewer…

Interesting facts about the film

  • October 21, 2015 is the day that fans have been waiting for for many years – the day of the future, where the main characters went to change their fate.
  • It is impossible to forget the futuristic scene of the holographic advertising of the movie “Jaws-19”. In honor of this episode, Universal Pictures created a special trailer for this non-existent movie

  • President Ronald Reagan in his speech to the US Congress in 1986 quoted a character in the movie “Roads? Where we are going, we need roads”
  • Every fan of the science fiction trilogy should watch movies online “Rick and Morty”, whose title characters are grotesque parodies of Marty and Doc

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