Sunday, April 11

Best horror movies of all times

Today we will tell you about the top three horror movies. This genre attracts many viewers, because sitting at the screen, you can tickle your nerves. Every year the cinema develops and the methods of influencing the viewer are becoming more sophisticated, since the modern movie fan can no longer be scared by a simple combined shooting and screaming.

The three leaders are opened by the film “Jaws” in 1975.

The picture tells of a giant cannibal shark, which begins to terrorize vacationers on a small resort island. The local sheriff joins forces with an oceanologist to catch her.

The director of the picture was Steven Spielberg, and the main roles were played by Roy Scheider, who played the chief of police Martin Brody; Robert Shaw, who played Quint’s shark hunter and Richard Dreyfuss, is ocean scientist Matt Hooper. According to Dustin Hoffman, Spielberg offered him to play the role of an oceanologist, but he refused.

The movie was shot on the island of Martas-Vinyard in Massachusetts. During the filming, the production budget almost doubled and amounted to $ 8 million, and the number of shooting days increased from the planned 52 to 155. This was a very large budget for that time, given that the shark, stuffed with electronics, cost $ 2 million.
The film in the 70s made a very strong impression on many people, after the sessions, many of them were afraid to enter open water. And those who did come in were panicky afraid of any shadow in it. And this despite the fact that real cases of shark attacks are isolated to this day. Here it is – the real power of art.

In second place the 2004 movie Saw: A Survival Game, is.

The picture tells about a maniac who comes up with scary games for his victims. They can survive. But for this they need to sacrifice something, as a rule, with their flesh.

Screenwriters James Wang and Lee Wonnell met at a film school in Melbourne. As their thesis, they shot the short film “Saw” in 2003. Their leader really liked their work and he advised to send it to Hollywood.

And after a few months the answer came, and they were invited to shoot a full-length version of the film. The producers of the film, Gregg Hoffman, Peter Block and Lark Bernini, who had previously worked only with animated films and children’s films, did not restrict them, but allowed the debutants to make the movie they wanted.
After many years, the philosophy of the film remains unchanged: until a person has looked into the eyes of death, it is impossible to guess what he will do for the sake of life, and in order to learn to value his life, one must personally know death.

And the leader of our rating is the movie “The Thing” of 1982.

The movie tells about a group of scientists who work at a research station in Antarctica. They are forced to engage in a mortal struggle with an alien organism that they woke up after centuries of hibernation. It kills its victims, taking their appearance, and to distinguish which of them remained human and which is not, is almost impossible.

The director of the picture was John Carpenter. A lot of worthy candidates were considered for the main role. Among them were the best actors of that time Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta and many many others, but in the end, the main role was given to Kurt Russell.
By the end of the 80s, when tagalog movies were distributed on videotapes and was shown on television, the work of Carpenter and Rob Bottin was appreciated, and the project became a cult in its genre.

Released in 2011, the prequel “Something” failed at the box office and disappointed the loyal fans who still consider 1982 “The Something” to be the best horror movie of all time.

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