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How “The Godfather” 2019 movies were made

An epic should be just simple, direct, understandable, and dramatic. Francis Ford Coppola managed to fully implement the epic scheme – to make a great movie, tell the story of the New York mafia and turn two actors into superstars (in the first series – Al Pacino, in the second – Robert De Niro), and Marlon Brando became a real living monument.

Plot of “The Godfather2019 movies

Godfather-1: the odious gangster Vito Corleone marries his only daughter. Beautiful Connie shines with happiness, her father sits in a prominent place and receives guests, the heir to the criminal Empire Sonny is treated to drinks, and don’s younger son Michael, who recently returned from the war, where he earned the fame of a hero, honestly admits to his girlfriend that his family is bandits. Kay is shocked, but the young man convinces her that he will choose an honest profession that is not associated with the dirty family business. Meanwhile, in the underground world of New York, changes are brewing and competitors are going to get rid of the Corleone clan, subjugating their territory. The war of the new American gangsters of the 20th century begins…

Interesting facts

It is symbolic that the story of the Italian-American mafia, invented by an American-Italian writer, was adapted by an American Director whose ancestors sailed to the States from Italy in the early twentieth century. Other interesting facts about the cult youtube movies:

  • The Coppola-Brando tandem gave the world not only the first part of “The Godfather”, but also another great film” Apocalypse Now”, which the director and actor started working on in March 1976.
  • Coppola and George Lucas were very friendly from a young age, when they began to conquer the Hollywood hills together. The future author of the fantastic saga even participated in the creation of the gangster epic – replaced a friend on the set of several episodes and made a couple of useful corrections to the editing.
  • In the original version of the adapted script, the action was moved to the 1970s, but later it was decided to return to the classic version of the second half of 1945 as the starting point of the story.
  • The scene with the horse’s head is as terrible as it is beautiful. Despite a premonition of an aggressive reaction from animal advocates and the advice of studio bosses, the director insisted on using a real head, not a dummy. Of course, no one killed the horse on purpose, but they had to pay a visit to the slaughterhouse.
  • A modest budget of six million paid off tenfold and brought the producers a sensational $ 268.5 million in box office receipts.
  • In fact, due to the limited budget, Francis Ford got on the project “The Godfather”, because the young director was the most modest, unknown and, in simple terms, cheap. And such stars Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn, Costa-Gavras, Peter Yates didn’t get it.
  • In addition to Coppola himself, the underdog at the casting was Al Pacino, whom the producers did not see as a mafia boss. The director managed to convince his superiors only after very long negotiations and assurances that the young actor, who had only one main role behind him, would cope.

“The Godfather”, won three Oscars, including for the most important, but the most perfect is considered to be episode number two, which became the first ever sequel to win the Oscar for best film of the year and awards in five categories


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